Milk and whey protein concentrate are a source
of nutrients of high quality.

Produced by MILEI GmbH

  • Whey Protein Concentrates & Whey Protein Isolates
  • Milk Protein Concentrates
  • Micellar Caseins
  • Lactose, Permeates, and Whey Products
  • For nearly 50 years, we at MILEI have focused intensively and exclusively on one task: the enrichment and fractionation of valuable ingredients from whey and milk.

    We were the world’s first company to be able to break these raw materials down into even finer constituents, enabling us to separate and supply lactoferrin. In an increasingly dynamic market, the diverse nutritional properties and technological functions of whey proteins are becoming ever more important.

    Because of this, our goal is the development of innovative top-quality products that are precisely tailored to the different equirements and application areas of our customers.

    Our high-quality milk and whey derivatives are distinguished not only by their exceptionally high nutritional quality and value, but also by their diverse functionalities.

    In short, they provide the ideal basis for your innovative recipes.